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Browser Information Online

Your IP address:
Your port: 36478
Protocol: HTTP/1.1
Request method: GET
Referer domain:
Request Geo location
Location: Fairfield, United States (US), North America
Coordinates: 41.1412 x -73.2637 (latitude x longitude)
Your operating system
Platform: Unknown
Your browser
Name: CCBot
Version: 2.0
Vendor: Not available
User agent: CCBot/2.0 (
Your browser capabilities
JavaScript: No
VBScript: No
Java applets: No
Frames: No
IFrames: No
ActiveX: Your browser DOES NOT SUPPORT ActiveX controls.
CSS version: 0
Background sounds: No
gzip support: Yes
Plugins installed in your browser
Not available
Your computer properties
Monitor resolution: Not available
Color depth: Not available
Browser dimensions: Not available
Javascript version: Not available
Java: Information not available
HTTP Headers
Connection: Keep-Alive
Code: en-us Name: English (United States) QValue: 1.0
Code: en Name: English (Caribbean) QValue: 0.5
Code: QValue: 1
Code: br QValue: 1
Code: gzip QValue: 1
Browser HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities

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Description #

Browser Information Online attempts to give you as much information as possible about your browser and your system. It takes the headers your browser sent to our server and extracts various information from them. If you have JavaScript enabled it is used to get even more information about your browser and your system.

When your browser requests a page from a web server it sends HTTP headers in its request. The headers may contain various identification information about your browser and its capabilities and preferences such as in which language does it prefer to receive the content. Other information about your system can be obtained using JavaScript – for example your display resolution. Some information is also extracted from the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) that your browser used to connect to our server.

Usage #

Browser Information Online displays the information about your browser and system when you load its page. Once you are on this page there is no need to fill any forms or click any buttons.